Samstag, 26. Juli 2014


years have gone by.
instead of footsteps behind us
i only see what have crinkled my skin.
you were buisy to influence
every thought in my head,
while i was desperately trying,
i was just trying to fit in.

but who told you how to do politics?
i can see through your lies.
my longing for a new home,
for my very own ground
was not an ambition to conquer
neither to wipe out the skies.

your plan was to pull up these borders
to restrain and hinder my progress.
but there is a limit for my patience
and you just destroyed my dependence.
i see a chance as a symbol
to prove what i can handle

but who told you how to gamble?
i can see through your tricks.
you have no one to turn to.
you are nothing but weak.
there is no lesson left here
rather than to watch you,
you and your debris.

your face is helplessly melting.
a shattered mask, nobody believes in.
there is no proof you have something,
something like a chosen soul.
i see that batch of maggots eating you as a whole.
you are nothing but human and nature is taking her toll.
this is important to remember:
whatever corrupted your ambition,
it showed me i can build an opposition
you still have a reflection, a body and a shadow
but even your desolate existence is reigned by a soul.

you had forced me in silence
you tought me agony and doubt
but there is hope and potential
there is a reason to shout