Montag, 31. März 2014


My firekeeper resides close to the mystic of life
hard to guess her age
with the lips so juicy
and her words so fluid
between fairytales and truth
she welcomes me to advance the heat
another fable full of wisdom
beasts I've never imagined keep hunting me at night
once I wasn't able to touch the beauty and it's still breaking me inside
tell me a story, firekeeper,
one you saved from being lost
I will forget the words once they've been captured on sheets
but sung at night they'll burn inside my chest
I never return just to hide from outside
give me responsibility
the firekeeper's eyes on me
someone who doesn't degrade my quest
knowing about the calm difference between change and development
a gleam in her eye
a wildernis that can't be banned
the darkness follows every step

tell me a story,
I must forget how cold it is beyond the burning wood
make my eyes join the light
I have to fight the disdain of the smoulder

when she deserts
I can't progress
without a spark
there are only shadows left

I have to fight
I have to fight