Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Dissuade (exit/us)

The world is breaking away just right through my windows.
I forgot to pay the judge for calling the tune.
Giving my life away redefines gravity.
In all its wisdom it's approaching me.

There ain't no air to refill my lungs,
Right after I've screamed at Lisa at the local gallows.
That day my veins were filled with iodine
Watching my dying, hanging heroine.

A relationship needs the two of us to exist,
Even holding your hand is an irreversible risk.
A moment of sobriety just followed my a mob,
Hunting me, calling me to show.
A fear that eats civilization. I will never join that circus,
I disobey your disastrous fuss.

I was disclaimed, mislabeled, I was misread
Like once there was a hope in my words, that couldn't be fed.
I give you up, cruely I am
Unable to loose, what didn't mean to be kept.

Enable me to experience distortion
was the mistake they will lern to regret.